Energy will
lift you up!

Energy will lift you up!

The Mig 21 Energy line comes with a great taste combined
with the power of boosting your energy levels and concentration to a whole new level.
Try our new line of Mig 21 products today and start living your important moments to the full.


  • Coconut bar with Caffeine 55g
  • Nougat bar with Caffeine and Taurine 50g

Our Mig 21 Energy bars come in delicious coconut or nougat flavor. Both contain high amounts of caffeine that will provide you with all the energy you need for your day. On top of caffeine, our nougat bar benefits from the added taurine to improve your performance and stimulate your mind.
Meeting an important deadline at work or simply in need of performance boost? Mig 21 Energy is your best choice.

Energize yourself with great taste


  • Chocolate 60g
  • Vanilla 60g

Top quality protein is essential not only for muscle building and fat loss, it also helps you with post-workout recovery. Mig 21 Protein bars are of the highest quality with 23,5% share of protein with over 90% digestibility. All packed in with great chocolate or vanilla flavor, Mig 21 Protein is To Go protein bar for those who seek the highest quality.

Build your body, enhance your mind


  • Caffeine
  • Cannabis

Energy lollipops with extraordinary flavors that you will fall in love with. Experience the most authentic cannabis and caffeine flavors you have ever tasted and enjoy them wherever you go.


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